Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a woman who lived with her young son in a small town.  They lived with the boy’s grandparents, without who life would have been very difficult.  They were happy.  One day this young woman got a phone call from a man.   This young man lived in a far away place with his young daughter, and they too were happy.  He had received her phone number from an old friend of his who worked with this young woman, and thought they should meet.   The young woman and young man decided to meet, they would take their young children to the zoo.  Like other similar stories, the young man and woman fell quickly in love.  It was decided that he would leave the far away land, and come to live with her in her small town.  They blended their families, and two plus two became four.

My son once told me  “there are fairy tales because you and dad are living happily ever after…”

Follow my blog to find out what happily ever after really looks like…


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