Certain Peril!

When we last left our family, they were searching in vain for the keys and the mustard…  Saved only by the superhuman skills of the woman they refered to as “mom”.  In this weeks episode, our hero is facing a new challenge. 

She must make herself be in three places at the same time!  Oh, who has hatched this heinous plan?  What evil-doer has it in for this unassuming hero?  Or is it some rare alignment of the stars that have led to this?  Next Thursday evening she must: work until 6:30, have her son to TKD by 6pm, and attend her daughter’s choir concert at 7!  Her sometimes crime fighting partner, semi-adequate dad, can not help her, he is busy saving the city’s power supply at the local power plant until at least 8.

Our hero has pulled out her blueprints for the time machine that she was working on, only to find that her husband spilled transmission fluid all over them, running the ink!  They are unreadable!  What is she going to do? 

But then, she remembers her secret weapon!  Could it work? Well, it has never let her down before!  She must try!  She calls “super-grandparents!”  Huzzah! Success!  Her father had to attend TKD that night anyway, and is happy to take her son!  She will get out of work a half hour early, as she luckily has time to rearrange her schedule, and make it to the concert on time, where she will meet super-grandma, who will save our hero from certain boredom.  Thank-you super-grandparents!  You’ve saved the day!


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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One Response to Certain Peril!

  1. Nancy E says:

    We coulda covered you for one of those too you know… we too have to be at TKD Thursday night! So glad that SuperGrandparents were available!

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