TPM – please don’t die

I am afraid that my astro van, which I lovingly refer to as “the flying brick”, may not be long for this world.  It isn’t anything I can pinpoint, but it has close to 300, 000 km on it and I might be pushing my luck.  Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t driving to Regina this weekend for a Taekwon Do tournament for my son.  So my husband has been diligently looking for a reliable, affordable, and efficient used car for me, so far to no avail.  He has a couple to go and look at tonight, so I am crossing my fingers.   So here is a haiku, dedicated to my old van, as a tribute and prayer that it will get me home tonight.

Large, white, box on wheels

You eat my gas too quickly,

Please, please take me home.


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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2 Responses to TPM – please don’t die

  1. I hope the astro van lives another year! I have my fingers crossed for our little protege…It’s in the same boat!

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