TPM- an old favourite

This weekend my daughter was reading something that brought up iambic pentameter.  Which of course prompted the conversation of “what on earth is iambic pentameter?”  I was thrown back to my grade 10 English class where Mr.Thain, and old school English teacher had taken the time to teach us about metre, rhyme scheme and verse.  He introduced us to Wordsworth, Longfellow, Dickenson and others, not by having us memorize poetry, but by him reciting it to us.  From memory.  I can still hear his voice demonstrating the different styles of poetry and showing how different metre influences the mood, speed and effect of the poem.  At the time I thought it was terribly boring, and of little importance.  But 20 years (gasp) later I remember those lessons clearly. 

This poem however, does not fall into that realm at all.  This is a poem actually written by a friend of mine in our early teens, when we were challenged to write a short poem about something meaningful to us.

There was a man who liked to chew,

He like to chew on beef and stew.

Thanks Kim.


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One Response to TPM- an old favourite

  1. Hahaha! Very funny! I can see the words flowed through her veins and she was inspired by the smell of the stew pot :O

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