Not a Zombie, although I could go for BRAINS…

News Flash: I am not perfect.  I often bite off more than I can chew.  I tend to set these high expectations for myself, and then beat myself up when I fall through.  For example, 18 days ago I said I was going to create one piece of jewelry every day for a month. I made it to day 15, and I only made it for day 9 for blogging and posting pictures about it.

The old me would have beaten myself up for not following through.  For setting unrealistic goals, or for sitting on my butt when I should be doing something at least semi-productive.  Many times I have set these goals for myself and then beaten myself up when I fall short of my own expectations.  It feeds that negative self-image.

But this time I am not giving in.  Yes, I set myself a goal, and yes I blew it.  (Say it with me) “And that is Okay!!”  Do you know why that is okay, because this is what my day looks like: I wake up at 6:15, I lay in bed for another 15 minutes drying to come with terms that sleep is over, drag some clothes over my head, visit the bathroom, and wake my kids.  Then I supervise breakfast to ensure that world war three doesn’t take place, fight with my 16 year old who has oppositional defiant disorder about whatever they are talking about on the news, and boot them out the door at 7:30.  Then I hit the shower myself and get ready for work and start my drive which can vary from half an hour to two and half hours, depending on traffic.  Most days I work until 4:30 or 5:00, unless I have I a late home visit (which is two or three times a week) then I work until 6:30 or 7:00 and then do the drive home.  Then I make sure dinner is on the table and cleaned up.  This takes me until, on a good day, 7:30.  And to be honnest at that point in time, all I want to do is flop on the couch and do nothing.

So I have forgiven myself because although I have not blogged about jewelry everyday, I have not killed my children, I have made supper everyday for the previous two weeks, ensured that laundry is done, groceries are in the house, and that everyone is getting along.  Who gives a rat’s behind about making jewelry, I deserve a medal!



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Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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One Response to Not a Zombie, although I could go for BRAINS…

  1. I know nothing about setting high expectations (wink)! Good girl! Don’t beat yourself up!

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