Since about the age of 21, I have tended to accomplish things in my life, in unorthodox ways.  For example, I had a son, moved out of my parents house, and then fell in love and got married.  Backwards.  Not the general order that most people would live out their adult life in.

Career wise, I am currently going through the same thing.  I found a career that I love and I am good at, and now I am trying to get my schooling caught up.  Backwards.  The biggest downside to this is that at the rate I am going, I might finally finish my schooling when I am ninety and too old to work on my hands and knees with kiddos.

It has worked in my marriage as well, when we met, we had young children.  Each of us already waist deep in parenting.  We just kept going.  As our kids get older we are spending more and more time alone together, going on dates, and a year ago, we took our first trip alone.  Ever.

Do other people do this too? What times in your life have your stopped and gone “Wow, I am doing this totally backwards” and had it work out for you?  I am finding it to be a theme in my life.

On the upside I am looking forward to living on my own and backpacking through Europe in my seventies.


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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