Each Night

It seems so unfair, and I don’t understand it.  Each night my husband and I head to bed, and he falls asleep in about 5 minutes and I lay awake for another hour.  It isn’t that I am not tired yet, I am.  I am bloody exhausted! I like sleep.  My eyes are heavy, and physically, I am ready to shuffle off to dreamland.

But the brain.  THE BRAIN KEEPS GOING!!!  It keeps thinking and thinking and thinking… It spins in circles, it plans the rest of my week, runs through my next day… until the wee hours of the morning if you let it.  I don’t understand why this does not afflict my husband in the same way.  It isn’t that I am worried about things (’cause when I am worried, look out! Then I really stay awake), this is on a normal everyday night.  My husband said it is from a guiltless conscience.  If one of us in our marriage has things to feel guilty about, trust me, IT ISN’T ME.  

What I have boiled it down to is that he doesn’t think. Period.  He doesn’t plan out what the rest of the family is doing, and how he is going to balance it.  He doesn’t worry about when he is going to fit in hitting the grocery store to pick up milk, he doesn’t worry about which load of laundry needs to be done first so that I can do as few loads as possible.  He doesn’t think about the connections between Aristotle and Descartes (guess who is taking a history of psychology course and is trying desperately to remember things).  He goes to bed, content with what he has accomplished that day, and drifts off to sleep.

I want that. 

Here are my strategies so far:

  • Melatonin 10mg every night before I go to bed.  It effectively shuts ye old brain down in about 40 minutes.  Most times for at least 6 hours.  I used to wake every 2 to 3 hours, and wake up exhausted.
  • Ear Plugs My husband is the loudest snorer I have ever heard. I am a light sleeper.  About 2 years ago I tried sleeping with earplugs in. It was like heaven.  I won’t go back.
  • Stupid iPad apps Each night for at least a half hour before I go to bed, I play some ridiculous mind numbing game on my ipad.  This clears the slate, so to speak.  Watching tv and reading just lead to new things to think about.  But dinner dash, completely wipes the rest of the world away.

Even with all these things, I still don’t fall asleep in five minutes flat like my husband does.  Maybe he should start doing the laundry and grocery shopping so I have two things to knock off my list.

Or perhaps I should consider this:


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Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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One Response to Each Night

  1. Nancy E says:

    We’re the opposite… Bruce can’t shut off his brain and I’m asleep in minutes… works well since he snores and if he falls asleep before me, I don’t fall asleep cuz of the snoring.

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