Woo hoo?

I am a pretty positive person.  When I have a problem, I try to focus on finding a solution.  I am eager to try new things, and I go into those things with a good outlook.  I try to share this energy and optimism with my family. 

It isn’t working. 

I live in a house with two teenagers, and at the risk of reinforcing a stereo-type, teenagers and notorious for their level of poo-pooing anything their parents’ get excited about.   Like for example; I have started a job that requires me to work later in the evenings than we are all used to.  My kids are old enough to start cooking.  So I asked them to come up with a list of 5 things that we eat that they would like to learn how to cook.  I would make menus and make sure that all the ingredients they needed were in the house.  They each came up with 3 things, one of my daughter’s being mushroom soup.  From a can.  C’MON GUYS!!!  Let’s think bigger than that!  This is your chance to shine!  Mushroom soup.  Psh.

So new plan.  I made them a list of things that they could make and they are going to choose.  Then I will make a menu and shopping list.  Because I am NOT eating grilled cheese sandwiches, mushroom soup, and Kraft Dinner for supper for the next 10 months!


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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