Blog this.

I’ve been doing some thinking.  Why do people do this “blogging” thing?  What is this? I can answer for myself, and that I do it as a form of catharsis, my way of processing things that I am thinking and experiencing.  If I make a connection with someone else out there, that is an added benefit, but it is mostly for my own selfish benefits.  I suspect that this is the same for many of the bloggers (they need a better word for that) that I follow.  It has become a method of sharing thoughts and feelings with other like-minded individuals.

That being said, there are also the bloggers out there who make a living doing this!  I have a hard time even beginning to comprehend that.  I don’t know if I would even want to do that, if I had the talent for it.  But how does that affect what they are writing?  Good writers I guess, would not bend or sway to make a buck, or would they?  I recently read a blog about how to successfully network at conferences to grow your “brand” which increases your readership, and in turn your profits.  Really?  This isn’t why I do this.  Nor would I really consider myself a blogger.

But then there are professional bloggers, and by that I mean bloggers who consider writing their blog a full-time job.  They make a living sharing their personal experiences online.  So what happens when people take you to task of that.  For me, I recognize that my airing of thoughts and feelings over the internet is read by only a few people, and that the people who do read my writing understand that it is personal expression.  Does blogging for fun and profit change the public’s expectations, and in turn give them the right to criticize people’s feelings and choices.

I have been thinking about this as one of the blogs that I follow is Her Bad Mother, who has posted this post. I encourage you read it, at least so that the rest of my rant makes a bit of sense.  Catherine Connors is a woman whose job is blogging. Apparently this holds her to some higher standard that the rest of us.  When I read Catherine’s blog, I read honesty.  She shares how she is really feeling, and it may not be the same way I or another reader would react, but it is real and the truth.  I as an unpaid blogger can get away with admitting that I don’t like my childrenputting my son in a recycling bin, and questioned my own skills as a wife and mother, with nothing ever said.

It also makes me think about people.  I struggle understanding the lack of empathy that seems rampant in our world today.  I may be empathetic to a fault! But there has to be a line.  Why on earth would someone say mean things to another human being? Why would you intentionally try to hurt someone? What argument could you possible make that would be strengthened by that sort of behaviour.  I have written before about considering the weight that our words have.  Today I am thinking about it again.

Think of others just a little more tomorrow, ask if it is really worth it.  Take a breath. Take a risk, understand someone you didn’t before.


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2 Responses to Blog this.

  1. I only read the second sentence, but…

    I blog because if I do not have a place that I can leak my ideas and insanity into, the cogs in my head will stop turning and my mind will melt.

    I will become a purple zombie.

  2. Lynn says:

    I think it has more to do with the fact that Catherine has a wide readership, than that she is a professional. I think even non-professional bloggers open themselves to this kind of hateful commenting just by blogging. It’s kind of scary – I have no idea what I would do if I read something like that on my blog or got an email of that nature. Luckily for me my blog is small and my readers are all fabulous, smart people who have really intelligent things to say. Even when they don’t agree with me, they don’t insult, they just express their opinion.

    I know it seems like everyone should be that way, but unfortunately, it’s not true, and the internet is a place where people are free to be ruder than ever because they have the distance of technology between them. Some people love drama and want to be stirring something up (whoever wrote that note to Catherine is probably overjoyed that she put it in a post, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he or she is still an avid reader of her blog, despite the complaints). Some people just have a need to express negativity. It must be really hard to get a note like this – you will always wonder if it’s secretly true, if everyone thinks that – but at the same time, I hope if it ever happens to me I’ll be able to laugh it off as the ramblings of a nut job who needs to be the center of attention.

    My blog is for me, too – hopefully I’ll always remember that.

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