It really exists?

So I have had a bit of a rough day.  It started this morning when I got up, and was feeling a bit dizzy.  I figured I was hungry and that it would go away after breakfast.  I had a shower and got dressed, ate and headed for work.

Then it started… the vertigo, every time I turned my heads it took the rest of the world a couple seconds to realign itself.  And it kept getting worse.  I figured if I could just get to work, it would be okay.  Work is at the other end of the city.  As I drove through rush hours traffic I kept trying to convince myself that it would pass and I would be okay.

That is, until, I started to black out.  So I pulled over, turned off my van and put my hazards on and then called 911.  I think the EMT thought I was crazy when she first got there, responding to a “dizzy lady” on the busiest street in the city.  But when she watched me try to walk to the ambulance and I couldn’t do so without my arms out like a low flying seagull.

They took me to the hospital, which incidentally is a lot like a jail.  Unless you have a lawyer a friend with you, you are screwed when it come to communicating with the outside world.

Everything is fine, it just turns out I have vertigo.  Which until today, I didn’t realize was a real thing… I thought it was like the flu or an ear infection.  (As an FYI vertigo can happen from crystals forming in your semi-circular canals in your ears, and in turn screwing around with your brain).

So they let me go, which is fine except that I am still dizzy and my van is parked on the side of Deerfoot Trail, and I can’t get a hold of my husband.  But lucky for me I have amazing friends who came to my rescue, two of them, one to drive my sorry butt home, and the other to drive my van.

So I am at home, relatively unscathed.  And trying really hard to NOT move my head.


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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