Please don’t ask

Everyday they come home from school and work, and I dread it.  I dread the inevitable question…

“What did you do today?”

As three o’clock approaches I run around like a crazy person straightening and cleaning as fast as I can so that when I am asked I can come up with a plausible lie.

“Well, I cleaned the kitchen after you left YOUR breakfast dishes out, and I made this fabulous supper, I worked out, and I did three loads of laundry!  I was busy!”

Laundry is the key to my ploy.  No one else in my house is allowed to do the laundry.  This would mean that the gig would be up.  They would find out that doing laundry really isn’t the giant time consuming suck hole that I claim it is.  No one must tell them this.  If someday some evil genius is trying to ruin me and gives me a fluorescent green truth serum, the real answer would look something like this…

“Well, I sat at the kitchen table for like 2 hours, reading the paper, eating breakfast, having a leisurely cup of coffee and hanging out on the internet.  Then I did yoga for 45 minutes, which I like to tell you is working out, but I don’t really think of it as such, it just feels good.  I do break a sweat most of the time, but it isn’t like I drag myself to do it.  I had a really long hot shower, threw some laundry in and ignored it.  Then I made lunch and hit the internet.  Again.  Next time I looked at the clock, it was like 2:45 and I realized you all would be coming home soon and I would have to explain, so I ran around and did as little as possible, but with the most impact.  And I threw some food together out of whatever ingredients were left in the fridge that appealed to me and told you that I developed this recipe.”

Shhh, they must never know…


About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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One Response to Please don’t ask

  1. Lynn says:

    Hee hee hee…hilarous! And so true. Your secret is safe with me if mine is safe with you!

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