What are the new rules?

So it has finally happened.  The boys have started to call.

My dilemma is this, my daughter is impulsive and makes poor social choices when hormones aren’t involved, so the boy thing is scary.  I don’t even know what other mothers out there are doing with their daughters and boys.  My gut tells me that he needs to meet us and maybe hang out in our living room first before they can hang out other places.  Am I out of line?  This was the rule when I was her age, (it really doesn’t seem that long ago) but I know that times have changed.

So I need your advice.  What would you do? Keep in mind that she is NOT a typical 15-year-old (read more here) and that until this guy started calling we had never even heard of him.  Usually, and I am relying on myself and my son as individual case studies here, that when you like someone, whether or not you intend to, you talk about them incessantly.   She had never mentioned him, which also is not a surprise as I don’t know anything about her life at all. I know that saying “no” will end badly, but is insisting that he comes for dinner or to watch a movie here out of line? Thoughts?

I know that the rules have changed, but should they?


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Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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One Response to What are the new rules?

  1. lindsey says:

    nope, i think you’re absolutely right on this erin. this is kyra. she needs the support(even if that is not quite the word she would use) that other girls her age might not. trust your gut.
    and besides, is the idea of meeting your kid’s friends, opposite gender or not, unreasonable? i sure hope not! because i will be one very unpopular parent!
    you know what’s best for your daughter, and erin, it sure helps that you don’t hold on to the illusion you’re her best friend!! although 1 or 2 common interests wouldn’t hurt though eh??!

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