What does your family do for fun?

This weekend marks the start of an important activity in our house.  Mini-road racing.  Oh, no, I am quite serious.  My husband has been doing it for 5 years now, and I have turned into head cheerleader and slave volunteer.  Grown men dress up in leather suits and ride on mini-motorcycles.

Ride baby, ride!

Okay so not quite like that, that is the bike the kids ride ( That’s right kids! You too can get in on the action!).  They whip around on small engine motorcycles (including dirt bikes on street tires) challenging each others’ manhoods.  This year my daughter is riding in the ladies class, and I am forcing my son to help run the timing system. A true family affair.

The best part is the people.  Even with all the work that it entails, and the long weekends taken up at the track, it is something we all do together and have met friends doing.   If you are looking for more information you can checkout the clubs website here.

The boy a couple of years ago

Husband's favourite thing, next to me of course


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