100 Things that make me happy…

This ended up being #1 in my list of 101 things, and also the easiest to accomplish too…

  1. NOT a gopher

    Richardson Ground Squirrels

  2. 27 ° C and a light breeze
  3. Talking to my brother
  4. Compliments (giving and receiving)
  5. Listening to my kids laugh at something on t.v.
  6. Comfy shoes
  7. Waking up and finding out I still have three hours to sleep
  8. Clean sheets
  9. Back rubs
  10. When my cat sleeps on me instead of my husband
  11. Cooking a good meal
  12. Tulips
  13. The smell of the first rain in spring
  14. Thunder
  15. Playing Bridge with my Mom, Dad and brother
  16. Getting older
  17. My husband’s silly jokes
  18. Playing with play-dough
  19. Fitting into my “skinny” clothes again
  20. Chocolate cake
  21. Shavasana
  22. Inside jokes
  23. The Chicken Lady
  24. The Church Lady
  25. Playing Rock Band with my husband and kids (I kill on the drums)
  26. Old couples who clearly still love each other
  27. Flying
  28. Roller Coasters
  29. Pictures of flowers
  30. 4 and 5 year olds
  31. Bedtime
  32. Singing, loudly
  33. Board games
  34. Camping
  35. Cuddling my son
  36. Hot showers
  37. Fresh pineapple
  38. Sunrises
  39. Compassion
  40. Lime Green
  41. A good cup of coffee
  42. My husband’s hand on my back as I fall asleep
  43. Giggling at night in the dark
  44. My children’s successes
  45. Puffer fish (grin)

    Puffer Fish

  46. French bread
  47. Crab-apple trees in bloom
  48. Two glasses of wine
  49. Being appreciated
  50. Giving gifts
  51. Celebrating birthdays
  52. Beating my son at Mario Kart
  53. Playing solitaire
  54. Planting bedding out plants
  55. Jack rabbits in my back yard
  56. My cat “chirping” at the birds
  57. A clean fridge
  58. Buds on the trees
  59. Smell of fall leaves
  60. Looking at old pictures
  61. Record players
  62. Taking goofy photos

    "Argggg" thumbs up

  63. Sunglasses
  64. Quaker Harvest Crunch
  65. Remembering my grandparents
  66. Music that feels like an old friend
  67. Playing the piano
  68. Being in a choir
  69. Hanging with my mom
  70. Fringe
  71. Fred Penner
  72. Sleeping in
  73. Reading the newspaper
  74. Having my dad for supper twice a week
  75. Finding self confidence I didn’t know I had
  76. Meeting friends for lunch
  77. Steak
  78. A good sharp knife (thanks Rob!)
  79. My monkey mittens ( and their new friends bison )
  80. Being able to remain calm when I feel anything but
  81. Sleeping through the night
  82. Going to the zoo
  83. Being married
  84. Playing at playgrounds, I like swings
  85. Finishing something
  86. Going to weddings
  87. Getting a comment on my blog
  88. Campfires
  89. Bailey’s on ice
  90. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
  91. Re-reading a favourite book
  92. Getting a good deal
  93. Beads
  94. Laugh lines
  95. Traveling
  96. cbc radio
  97. Someone playing with my hair
  98. Funny signs
  99. Family time
  100. A good sunscreen.

About mcwhclan

Mom of two, student, wife, daughter... where does one keep all these hats?
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3 Responses to 100 Things that make me happy…

  1. LauraCF says:

    Things you’ve reminded me of that also make me happy:
    – cbc radio (I am in love with Lyndon Penner and would like to garden with him forever)
    – knowing that someone else knows they are NOT gophers
    – The Chicken Lady (and of course, “I squisha your head!”)
    – Fred Penner (I once asked him for his phone number and address instead of an autograph. He told me his wife wouldn’t like that. I was 4.)
    – the realization that if I made a list of the things that make me happy, I’d take less for granted.

    Thanks again for your wisdom and hilarity, Erin!

  2. Buffy says:

    Know what Erin, reading this inspires me……..am makes me miss you more than I realized. I am glad theta time for you now. Hugs

  3. A.J. says:

    I love swings!!!

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